Vertical Cylinder Boring & Resurfacing Machine

Vertical Cylinder Boring & Resurfacing Machine

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Accra, Ghana



Boring range                                               :          30÷170 mm

Max Vertical travel of the head                   :          670 mm

Max distance from head to table               :          940 mm

Distance from spindle center to column    :          290 mm

Spindle rotation speed (adjustable)            :          75÷700 rpm

Spindle feed                                                :          0÷175 mm/min.

Table surface                                               :          1040x370 mm

Max longitudinal table travel                        :          1000 mm

Max transverse table travel                         :          200 mm

Spindle motor power                                   :          1.5 kW

Rapid feed motor power                              :          0.37 kW

Dimensions (LxWxH)                                   :          1030x1020x2000 mm

Net weight                                                    :          1150 Kg

Gross weight                                                 :          1330 Kg

Standard equipment

  • Adjustable spindle speed with digital indicator
  • Adjustable boring bar feed
  • Adjustable table feed (only model ACF)
  • Tool setting dial indicator with magnetic base
  • Depth of boring device with dial indicator
  • Precision centering device with dial gauge
  • Adjustable control stop
  • PV0160 Pair of parallel supports
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual

Note: Optional Accessories must choose from enclosed list while finalizing the machine.


ManufacturerComec - Italy
Boring range30÷170 mm
Table surface1040x370 mm
Max longitudinal table travel1000 mm
Max transverse table travel200 mm
Spindle motor power1.5 kW
Spindle feed0÷175 mm/min.
Spindle rotation speed (adjustable)75÷700 rpm
Rapid feed motor power0.37 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH)1030x1020x2000 mm
Net weight1150 Kg
Gross weight1330 Kg